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We are sad to announce that all 3 of the locations of the Best Little Cat House are permanently closed. We were in the process of retiring after serving the Los Angeles community for over 20 years, and because of the COVID 19 Pandemic, we were forced to close the doors a lot faster than we had planned. We appreciate all of our customers over the last 20 years and miss all the adorable cats, kittens, and happy owners. We suggest that anyone looking for boarding or grooming their cats to go to Yelp and read the reviews. We wish everyone a happy and safe 2020.

Thank you again, and we wish you and your fur babies all the best!

Hours: Closed.

Luxury Cage Free Boarding

The Best Little Cat House In Los Angeles

Luxury Cage Free Boarding

Clips and Baths

Grooming your cat is a great way to reduce shedding and prevent your cat from becoming matted. Clips are also a great way to keep your long or medium haired cats cool in the summer though they can be done year round due to our fantastic weather. We offer two kinds : the Lion Cut and the Kitten Clip. As cats get older, many of them don't groom themselves as well as they used to. Let our professional cat groomers take over and freshen up your smelly cat!

Lion Cut

The Lion Cut leaves the fur on the body about 1/4 inch with the head and legs a little longer and a "Poof" on the end of the tail. Our professional cat groomers can customize it with a long, full, lion-like mane or trim the head down a little shorter to blend it in. Lion Cuts can be done on cats of all coat lengths. The clip generally lasts two to three months and it includes a bath and nail trim. Get on our maintenance program and get an additional 10% off the price! $115*

Kitten Clip The Kitten Clip takes the fur down to about the length of a regular short haired cat. It's a super cute, easy-to-maintain style so named because it makes them look years younger. Kitten Clips are only available on long to medium haired cats and last a month or two. Includes the bath and nail trim. Ask about our maintenance discount. $115*

Bathing Only

Luxury Cat Boarding

All baths include brushing and nail trimming. Choose from the Oatmeal Shampoo, Plum Silky Smoothing Shampoo, Smelly Cat Shampoo or Flea Shampoo. A leave-in finishing spray available in various scents is also used. Length of the coat pricing:

  • Short Haired Bath $50*
  • Medium Haired Bath $55*
  • Long Haired Bath $60*
  • Persian/Himalayan Bath $70*


Other Services

Shed Control - The Shed Control is an option provided only as an additional service to a bath designed specifically to target and reduce most of the undercoat and loose guard hairs which also dull the coat. While shedding cannot be completely eliminated, you'll notice a huge difference in the amount your cat sheds. As a bath Add-on $30

Brush Out - The Brush Out is provided for cats to feel more sleek and comfortable when not bathed. This helps to reduce shedding. A La Carte, nail trim included $45

Luxury Cat Boarding

Soft Paws - Soft Paws are acrylic nail caps used as a humane alternative to declawing and also used to extend the time between nail trims. These are great for cats who sharpen their nails on your furniture! $33 Front Only, $45 All Four Feet

Flea Treatments - If your cat has fleas we recommend monthly treatment using Advantage� Flea Treatment. Ask our groomers about recommendations for treating your home to prevent reoccurrence. We're happy to help! $13 + tax

Sanitary Clip - Kind of like a shaved "Brazilian" for cats who get "number 2" on themselves under their tails. A La Carte, nail trim included $25, as a Bath Add-on $10

TumPotty Shave - This is the teeny weeny Bikini shave for cats who get "number 2" on themselves underneath. A La Carte, nail trim included $30, as a Bath Add-on $15

Nail Trim - Schedule a quick nail trim whenever the spirit moves you and it often will be done while you wait. Nail trimming is often included in other Grooming Services and always for Boarding. When A La Carte $18

*Our prices are based on a rate of approximately $60 per hour. If your cat is extremely matted or extremely difficult please expect to pay more.

Health Requirements

Click HERE to download a PDF of our Boarding Health Requirements.

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